Pollard highlights its expertise in the “Positive Displacement Pumps” special issue of the “Journal des Fluides”.

POLLARD has joined forces with a French automobile manufacturer renowned for developing hybrid vehicles.

The manufacturer’s sports division has entrusted POLLARD with developing and supplying the pump for the hybrid system on the new vehicle.

In addition to its highly optimized combustion engine, this hybrid vehicle has an electric motor that runs on a lithium-ion battery.

It has around one hundred 3.5 V cells arranged in groups, which allows faulty components to be isolated in the event of problems and ensures the vehicle can continue to travel. Weighing 25 kg, the battery has been fitted under the back seat for the best weight distribution.

To ensure proper cooling of this strategic component a special oil was developed to circulate in the dedicated radiator, and POLLARD developed the pump that sets the oil in motion.

Among other requirements, the specifications included:
• High volumetric efficiency of the pump
• The lowest possible energy consumption
• Small space requirement
• Silent operation

With its experience in developing pumps "tailored" to its clients, the POLLARD design office was able to produce a pump that meets all these requirements. The pump was manufactured locally in the prototyping department of its factory in the Var, situated alongside the famous Paul Ricard racing circuit in Le Castellet.

POLLARD is proud to have contributed to the success of this vehicle, which has exceeded the hoped-for performance.